Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3393: The Plan to Forge the Sword

Chapter 3393: The Plan to Forge the Sword

Reaching there, the Wind Venerable paused. As if he was afraid that Jian Chen would worry about his safety, he said in guarantee, “However, you don’t have to worry. You can’t go to the Immortals’ World for now, but as long as you remain by my side, I can ensure your safety.”

“No one can discover you in the fetal membrane of the world. It covers all of your traces and presence as long as you stay within it.”

“Perhaps you’ll be losing your freedom temporarily, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. After all, your Laws of the Sword only just broke through. You can use this opportunity to properly consolidate it.”

“Senior Feng, how is the Tian Yuan clan right now?” Jian Chen suddenly asked.

“You don’t have to worry about anything to do with the Tian Yuan clan. Anatta has moved the entire Dong’an province to the Prosper Plane. She’s protecting it personally, such that the Tian Yuan clan enjoys an extremely lofty status. They have it easier than anyone else.”

As soon as he mentioned the Anatta Grand Exalt, the Wind Venerable’s expression became rather mixed. “She is a Grand Exalt who comprehends four ways to the limit after all. She’s already become the undisputed greatest expert in the Saints’ World, at least before the War God of the God clan completely matures.”

“Just who in the Saints’ World would still be bold enough to provoke a clan personally protected by the world’s greatest expert?”

“And your good brother Ming Dong is quite a loyal person too. He actually managed to persuade the commander of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to pay a visit to the Cloud Plane personally, letting them avoid any danger.”

The Wind Venerable looked at Jian Chen deeply and said, “In short, you don’t have to worry about your friends in the Saints’ World. With Anatta and me around, no one can find any trouble with them because of you.”

“After all, you died a long time ago in their impression.”

As he said that, the Wind Venerable had already taken Jian Chen back to the Spiritsages. “Fellow Jian Chen, I’ll have people forge the twin swords first, as I no longer have the ability to forge them myself. After all, from a certain perspective, I’ve already become an object. I’ve lost that ability.”

“As a result, I’ll find someone else in the clan to forge the twin swords instead.”

The Wind Venerable spoke with some lament. He had become a sovereign through a different method, so he had lost many abilities.

“As you say, senior Feng,” Jian Chen answered. He possessed absolute trust in the Wind Venerable.

Without any exaggeration, the Wind Venerable had already become one of the people he trusted the most.

The Wind Venerable could sense the absolute trust from Jian Chen, so he could not help but show some gladness. In the next moment, a ruddy old man suddenly appeared in the Wind Venerable’s fetal membrane of the world.

The old man seemed even more elderly than the Wind Venerable, except he gave off a powerful presence that startled Jian Chen.

“Greetings from Ling Tong, old clan leader!”

The sagely old man stood with his head lowered the entire time. He was extremely polite, bowing deeply towards the Wind Venerable.

The Wind Venerable turned towards Jian Chen and said, “His name is Ling Tong. He’s the current leader of the Spiritsages. He’s trustworthy.”

The current leader of the Spiritsages did not notice Jian Chen’s existence. However, when he heard what the Wind Venerable said, he was stunned. He subconsciously looked up slightly and immediately noticed Jian Chen, which left him stunned.

“Greetings from junior Jian Chen, clan leader!” Jian Chen clasped his fist and bowed towards Ling Tong.

The clan leader of the Spiritsages had already widened his eyes. He stared straight at Jian Chen, his face filled with undisguised shock. “J-J-Jian Chen, y-y-you’re actually- you’re actually still alive?”

At that moment, the leader of the Spiritsages felt like he had just witnessed the most unbelievable thing in the world. He even became slightly dazed. “No, no. This is impossible. You were personally killed by the Anatta Grand Exalt. How can you still be alive?”

“It’s just as you say. I was already a dead man. It was senior Feng who saved me,” said Jian Chen.

The leader of the Spiritsages subconsciously looked towards the Wind Venerable. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Among the Spiritsages, the Wind Venerable’s authority surpassed all. That was the case in the past and even more so now. Any decision he made represented the highest will of the entire Spiritsages.

“Ling Tong, you can’t divulge the fact that Jian Chen is still alive, do you understand?” The Wind Venerable became serious, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Yes! As you wish, old clan leader!” The leader of the Spiritsages immediately answered politely.

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“I’ll leave a wisp of the force of the world on you. If you dare to divulge this secret, I’ll never spare you.” The Wind Venerable’s tone became rather chilly. As soon as he said that, a wisp of the force of the world entered Ling Tong.

“Old clan leader, t-t-this-” Ling Tong was greatly shocked. He was tongue-tied and beyond alarmed.

He was the current clan leader of the Spiritsages. His status was the greatest among the Spiritsages apart from the Wind Venerable.

Yet right now, the Wind Venerable actually spoke to him, the clan leader, with such severity. He had done so for the sake of an outsider, which was simply unbelievable.

“Ling Tong, you’re the best at forging artifacts within the clan. Forge the bodies for the twin swords for fellow Jian Chen immediately. Take all the materials that you need from the clan treasury. If the clan doesn’t have it, let me know,” the Wind Venerable said in an order-like fashion.

“I understand. Please do not worry, old clan leader. I will definitely do everything that I can,” the clan leader of the Spiritsages said with a trembling voice. He could clearly sense that the old clan leader favoured Jian Chen very much. In fact, the level that he favoured him had reached an unbelievable height.

Even he, the clan leader of the Spiritsages, probably amounted to less than a hundredth of Jian Chen in the old clan leader’s heart.

Afterwards, Jian Chen let out the sword spirits. The two of them and the two spirits gathered together and began sharing and discussing the details regarding forging the swords.

“That’s for the body, but due to the special characteristics of the twin swords, they require a large number of yin and yang materials. The clan only has some of these resources. The rest need to be collected.” Ling Tong was slightly troubled and said, “And some of these resources are extremely rare, with pitifully few across the entire Saints’ World. They’re the kind that never surface on the market. They probably won’t be easy to gather.”

“Which ones are you missing? How much do you need? I’ll go collect them.”

In the next moment, the clan leader of the Spiritsages appeared outside again. Meanwhile, the fetal membrane of the world had already vanished from before him. The Wind Venerable had left the Spiritsages with Jian Chen.

In a single instant, the Wind Venerable appeared near a colossal piece of land that hovered in outer space.

This was one of the seven sacred planes of the Saints’ World, the dominion of Ancient Paths.

“Fellow Feng, how come you have the leisure today to visit my place? I am too busy to receive you right now, unfortunately.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ voice rang out as soon as the Wind Venerable appeared. In the next moment, an embodiment of Ancient Paths appeared in outer space, gazing at the Wind Venerable amicably.

“Ancient Paths, I’ve come because I want to borrow some materials from you,” the Wind Venerable said without holding back at all.


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