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Chapter 176 - Being in the Same Room Was

Chapter 176: Being in the Same Room Was Really A Big Trouble (1)

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Lu Yan looked at Li Mei’er pointing at Yuna beside him and was slightly stunned. Then, he smiled and said, “She’s a dark elf Master saved in the wilderness. Master asked me to send her back to the wilderness in a month. I’ll take care of her for the time being.”

This was what Lei Shuo had told Lu Yan about Yuna’s identity.

Li Mei’er heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. So it was only a month.

For some reason, Li Mei’er felt as if a huge rock had been lifted from her heart. She looked at Lu Yan and smiled. “Um, we’re leaving for the national new student exchange competition in five days. Take the time to treat my mother in the next five days.”

Hearing Li Mei’er’s words, Maggie’s figure appeared in Lu Yan’s mind and he nodded happily.

Half a month was indeed about to go by.

He could also use some of the curse power in Maggie’s body. Perhaps this national new student exchange competition would be useful.

After saying a few more words to Li Mei’er, Lu Yan left with Yuna, prepared to go back and rest first.

As soon as he arrived at the dormitory, Lu Yan’s body froze.

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He had forgotten to ask his master where Yuna was going to live.

Yuna saw Lu Yan stop and asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you wanted to go back and rest first?”

Along the way, she sighed at the prosperity of this place and was also somewhat curious about where Lu Yan lived.

It was definitely different from the wooden house she lived in.

Lu Yan looked at Yuna and said with an awkward expression, “Um, why don’t I arrange a place for you to stay?”

Yuna’s expression tightened when she heard this. She directly grabbed the corner of Lu Yan’s shirt and said nervously, “You want to chase me away?”

She did not know anyone here. Although the tall buildings around her gave her a lot of novelty, at the same time, she also felt isolated and unfamiliar.

If not for Lu Yan being by her side, Yuna would probably feel more fear than anything else.

Lu Yan shook his head and explained, “I’m not chasing you away, but it’s somewhat inappropriate for us, a man and a woman, to be together.”

“Inappropriate? What’s inappropriate about that? Haven’t we been sleeping together in the wilderness?” Yuna looked at Lu Yan and asked somewhat strangely.

When the surrounding students heard Yuna’s words, they sized up Lu Yan and Yuna a few times. A boy even gave Lu Yan a thumbs up.

In his eyes, Lu Yan was a complete playboy.

Lu Yan hurriedly covered Yuna’s mouth. “You can’t say that casually. People will misunderstand.”

“Forget it, forget it. Follow me up.”

Looking at Yuna, Lu Yan finally compromised helplessly.

He also knew that he was the only person Yuna was familiar with. She probably would not be used to it elsewhere.

In any case, there was a guest room in the dormitory. She could just sleep in the guest room.

The Golden Corner Academy had a strict dormitory inspection system. It was impossible for them to use the dormitory.

Outsiders also had to report when they entered. Only people like Yuna, who had been directly brought in by Lei Shuo, could easily enter the dormitory of the number one new student.

Arriving at the top of the small mountain, Yuna sensed the beautiful environment around her.

There seemed to be a strange energy here that could increase one’s comprehension. If she lived here, her hunting strength could increase very quickly.

After entering Lu Yan’s dormitory with him, Yuna looked around. It did not seem to be any different from a wooden house, but the inside was more exquisite.

Then, Yuna’s gaze was attracted by the various high-tech things in the house and she quickly looked around.

Lu Yan looked at Yuna and also explained to her in detail how to use the various equipment in the house.

After arriving at the bathroom, Yuna’s eyes directly lit up as she looked at the tap that directly produced hot water and the large bathtub at the side.

“Um, can I take a shower?” Yuna looked at Lu Yan and asked.

She had not taken a shower for the past few days she was in the wilderness.

In the wilderness, Lu Yan could still wipe his body with a towel. Yuna was also embarrassed to ask Lu Yan for his towel to wipe her body. She was still somewhat dirty and messy.

Lu Yan nodded and then told Yuna about the various functions in the bathroom. Then, he left a bathrobe for Yuna and closed the bathroom door.

Soon, the sound of water falling came from the bathroom.

Lu Yan sat on the sofa and originally wanted to rest. When he heard the sound in the bathroom, his heart could not help but race.

Indeed, he was full of lust. When he was in the wilderness, he came into contact with her every day and did not have any other thoughts.

Now that he was back and was no longer threatened by the demon beasts, various thoughts appeared after he relaxed.

Lu Yan took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was Yang Wei.

“Hey ~ Lu Yan, I heard that you’re back from your special training. Let’s have a meal tonight. You’re going to participate in the national new student exchange competition in five days. It’ll be a while before we see each other again.”

Hearing Yang Wei’s words, Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly agreed.

Then, the two of them chatted over the phone.

As they chatted, the bathroom door opened, and a bright fog leaked out.

Then, Yuna, whose hair was wet, walked out wearing a white bathrobe.

Yuna’s beautiful black skin looked especially attractive under the white bathrobe, as if it had a special magic power.

“Lu Yan, how does that hairdryer work? I don’t understand. Can you teach me again?”

Yuna looked at Lu Yan and asked.

Lu Yan and Yang Wei were silent for a moment.

Then, Yang Wei’s excited voice sounded.

“Damn! Lu Yan, what’s wrong with you? A woman is in your room? Did you go out to get a room?

“Good kid, not bad. You’ve already learned to do these things yourself. You’ve finally figured it out.”

Yang Wei’s teasing voice sounded, making Lu Yan blush.

“Alright, let’s talk over dinner tonight!”

Lu Yan directly hung up and arrived in front of Yuna.

After entering the bathroom, Lu Yan taught Yuna how to use the hairdryer again and left the bathroom.

Lowering his head slightly, Lu Yan shook his head.

Sigh, it was really a headache.

In the wilderness, he did not realize that this girl’s chest was actually so big.

Soon, Yuna finished drying her hair and walked out, her face red.

Because she did not have a change of clothes, Lu Yan helped Yuna book a set in the school’s treasure vault and got someone to send it over.

Then, Lu Yan walked into the bathroom.

No, he had to quickly take a shower to bring down the heat. Otherwise, he would not be able to take it.

Yuna sat on the sofa and tidied her hair.

At this moment, there was suddenly a knock on the door.

Yuna listened to the sound of water flowing in the bathroom and looked at the door again. She hesitated for a moment before getting up and going to the door.

Opening the door, Yuna saw Bai Miao standing outside.


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