Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 187 - Striking Up a Conversation

Chapter 187: Striking Up a Conversation

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Fortunately, the show started in time and diverted his attention.

The familiar opening theme song started playing, and Pei Xingxing started singing along.

His voice was childish, and he couldn’t say that he sang very well, but it was definitely very cute!

Meanwhile,Xu Mingzhi knew that her daughter would not be in the episode today, so she did not watch it.

Su Ji did not even bother to look at it. She lay on the sofa and played with her phone.

She didn’t even look at her own episode!

A few messages popped up in the group chat.

[ Tao: “Did you guys see the Academic Affairs website? I only found out about the physical examination tomorrow!” ]

[ Pan Lian: “What?” ]

[ Meng Na: “Physical examination???” ]

[ Tao: “…you guys don’t know either?” ]

It seemed that if she didn’t tell them, Pan Lian and Meng Na wouldn’t have found out.

Other than Su Ji, Meng Na and Pan Lian had already earned enough credits, so they rarely checked the website.

[ Pan Lian: “Baby! The physical examination is tomorrow!” ]

Meng Na and Yang Xiaotao also tagged Su Ji.

Kyokushin was very weird. It was compulsory to have the physical examination.

Su Ji raised her eyebrows and tapped on the screen.

[ “Got it.” ]

Next door, the episode had been playing for quite a while.

Su Cunyi and Pei Xingxing both started yawning because there were no scenes of Su Ji.

When Si Jingchuan and Zhou Xuefang’s characters first met, which was the scene in front of the roadside book stall…

The two of them frowned at the same time.

They hated it.

Pei Xingxing said, “uncle, my stomach doesn’t feel well. I don’t want to watch anymore.”

“Me neither.” Su Cunyi also got up and walked to the kitchen. “I’ll make you something…”

He was holding a box in his hand. It was something that Pei Huai had brought from his house when he brought Pei Xingxing over.

“Children’s pasta.”

Pei Xingxing bowed like a gentleman. “Thank you, uncle. You even know how to cook. My father has never been in the kitchen.”

Su Cunyi smiled and turned on the stove according to the instructions on it. “This is only my second time.”

The flame lit up, and he suddenly remembered.

The last time he cooked was when Su Qianrou and Su Junye were one year old.

Ning Lihua said that it was not easy for her to give birth to a pair of twins, so she asked him to cook for the kids.

He didn’t think too much about it at that time, but the memory was especially clear now. Su Ji was only three years old at that time, and she was standing at the side watching.

She watched as he cooked the congee and served it to Su Qianrou and Su Junye.

Su Cunyi didn’t know what to feel.

After he was done cooking, Pei Xingxing ate quietly at the side.

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His little head was thinking of strange things.

He was thinking, “if Su Ji gave uncle another chance, would he leave her alone on the road?”


The next morning.

Pei Xingxing held his phone and ran to the pet shop next to the villa area to buy a few things.

He bought a can of cat food, and asked the owner of the shop to open it for him.

After walking back for a while, a fat and big orange cat jumped on the wall.

Pei Xingxing stopped and placed the opened can of cat food on the side of the road.


He waited patiently for a while. After the orange cat looked at him, it jumped lightly and landed in front of the can of cat food and began to eat.

Then, Pei Xingxing took out another item that he had just bought. He put a beautiful collar around the cat’s neck and held the leash in his hand.

The cat finally realized.


It had been tricked!

Five minutes later, Xu Mingzhi, who was practicing boxing in the yard, saw a fat cat swaggering past her house.

“Where did the cat come from?”

The next second, she noticed that there was a leash tied to the cat, and the figure of a three-year-old boy appeared from behind.


To be honest, this was the first time she had seen someone walking a cat.

Besides, it didn’t seem to be very willing to do so.

Pei Xingxing stopped in front of the Su family’s house and waved at Xu Mingzhi like a gentleman. “Good morning, aunty!”


“Good morning kid. Do we know each other?”

Pei Xingxing smiled. “We’ll get to know each other soon.”

He had to take it step by step..

Xu Mingzhi’s mouth twitched.

When Su Ji came out of the house with her bag, Xu Mingzhi turned around and the little boy had disappeared.

Xu Mingzhi looked at Su Ji. “Baby, I heard that you have a physical examination today?”

“Yes,” Su Ji said. “I’m going there now.”

Xu Mingzhi laughed. “Bring the medical report back and let mom have a look.”

Su Ji got into Wang Zhicheng’s car. “Sure, don’t worry.”


The students who were notified to come for the physical examination today were already waiting near the entrance of the general hospital in A city.

Most of them were wearing masks.

When the teachers of each class arrived later, they would be brought in for a physical examination.

Seeing Su Ji, many students gathered in her direction.

“It’s Su Ji! I knew it, she is also having their physical examination today!”

“Su Ji, why didn’t you appear on TV yesterday? I wanted to see you!”

Meng Na and Pan Lian had also arrived, so Su Ji only talked to them.

Yang Xiaotao was a junior, so her waiting area was different from theirs.

“Argh! Were they Su Ji’s friends? Why did Su Ji talk to them?”

“Of course, they used to be in the same dormitory.”

“I also want to be in the same dormitory as my queen!”

Meng Na and Pan Lian felt proud.

In just a few months, Su Ji’s popularity had changed drastically. She was now very popular in school.

However, as everyone was talking, they suddenly noticed a figure covered in dark clouds not far away.

They could feel resentment in the air.

It was the female lead of “The Billions Stars” that everyone had neglected, Zhou Xuefang!

Last night’s viewership statistics were out.

At the beginning of the show, the viewership was as high as the first episode, but as the plot progressed, it dropped drastically.

Especially during the book stall scene, the only ones who were still watching were Si Jingchuan and Zhou Xuefang’s die-hard fans!

Zhou Xuefang was trending, but it was for a different reason.

#Zhou Xuefang’s Waltz #

#”The Billions Stars” starts high and goes low#

#Si Jingchuan, don’t take up lousy films!#

Even the marketing team was worried and called Han Junlei to the company for a meeting early in the morning.

Zhou Xuefang was in a terrible mood!

Who knew that as soon as she arrived at the hospital, she would bump into the girls right away.

The students had no idea that Zhou Xuefang had arrived, so they looked embarrassed.

“Xuefang, we all watched the episode yesterday. You acted really well.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing to be the female lead in such a big drama!”

Zhou Xuefang’s expression did not change for the better. She knew that they were all lying because these people had just said that they wanted to see Su Ji!

“Ah!! It’s Si Jingchuan!”

“Why is he here? Is he sick?”

“My husband is so handsome!!!”

“By the way, Su Ji and Xuefang are both working with him, right? I wonder if he would talk to them…”

Zhou Xuefang suddenly remembered that her uncle had arranged a physical examination for Si Jingchuan. It seemed that it was today as well.

Since she had lost in the viewership ratings, she must not lose face!

Seeing that Si Jingchuan was looking in their direction, Zhou Xuefang hurriedly stepped forward and said, “why are you at the hospital too? You seemed to be in good health when you were filming the day before yesterday.”

Si Jingchuan had been looking behind her but was blocked by her. He put his hands in his pockets and answered impatiently, “hmm.”

“Wow! Xuefang is talking to Si Jingchuan!”

“I’m so happy to be able to meet him!”

“But he’s so cold. Those who don’t know might think that they don’t know each other!”

“That’s how he is. He doesn’t say more than two words. It’s good enough that he’s talking to her!”

“I see.”

As they were discussing, they saw Si Jingchuan, the cold and aloof man walk past Zhou Xuefang. Suddenly, he seemed to have changed into a different person.

“Boss! What a coincidence! I’m also here for a physical examination today! My dad came with me!”

He spoke 17 words in total.

Everyone fell silent!


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