Perfect Revenge : CEO's Lovely Mistress

Chapter 417 - 417 Husband Like Christian

417 Husband Like Christian

“Do you love him?” Ella suddenly asked, making Indri stunned. “If you don’t love him, don’t make his life difficult,” Ella added, looking straight at Indri.

Liam is an important figure in Ella’s heart. Even though what Ella feels for Liam is not the love of a woman for a man, Ella wants to see Liam happy, just as Liam wants Ella to always be happy.

When she lost everything in her life, Ella found that the only person who truly cared and loved her was Liam.

That’s why Liam has a very important place in Ella’s life.

Indri looked at Ella with a serious look. She really wanted to laugh and sneer at her stepbrother in front of her. This woman had done everything she could to seduce Christian so she could have a better life, but was now talking about love in front of her. How dare she act so holy!

“Ella, what right have you to lecture me? Do you dare say that you love Christian?”

“Yes. I love him so much, so what?”

Ella’s words made the man who had walked up to the bathroom door stop. It felt like he had entered another dimension which made him unable to continue his steps.

He heard from Luca that Ella had left the studio and he was sure Ella would go to this place. Afraid that something might happen to her, he rushed to this place to catch up with her. He did not expect to hear such a love confession from Ella.


Indri looked at Ella and then laughed loudly. “You never blink when you’re lying.”

“You don’t love Liam and Liam doesn’t love you. Why should I help you to marry him?” Ella walked over to Indri step by step with cynicism in her eyes.

If it weren’t for Merry, Indri wouldn’t have grown up to be a woman with a bad heart like this. Basically, Indri is just a spoiled girl and wants attention from others. Indri was an obedient child so she listened to everything her mother said, even when her mother taught her bad things.

But everything had changed. It was too late to fix her and she couldn’t be helped now.

“I’m pregnant with Liam’s child!” Indri shouted loudly as if she wanted to hide her guilt.

Ella still looked at her calmly. “The child is still not born. Are you sure that child belongs to Liam?” She asked coldly.

Her hunch was that Liam wouldn’t do such a thing even when he was unconscious. Other than that, Liam couldn’t remember anything.

If indeed Indri had intercourse with Liam, she would not let Liam forget her. She would make Liam remember her for life and let him live with guilt.

This is where it doesn’t sit right with her.

Unfortunately, Ella has no evidence to prove it. Without that evidence, no one would believe her and Indri would not admit it.

“This is my child. How could I not know who the father was?” Indri snorted coldly and started eating the fruit in her hand again. “Let me explain one more time to you. This is Liam’s child. Don’t you dare slander my child!”

“You used Liam’s name every time. Do you think I won’t mind it?” Ella stepped forward again. “If you can, we’ll do a DNA test once the child is born. If it really is Liam’s child, Liam won’t run away from responsibility.”

The grape Indri ate almost made her choke.

How could she dare to give birth to this child? She wanted to use this child to destroy Ella.

But on the surface, Indri didn’t show any guilt at all. She even boldly said, “All right. Let’s just wait and see.”

“Okay,” Ella replied. After a moment of silence, Ella seemed to have remembered something. “It’s dad’s birthday soon, isn’t it?”

Indri was surprised for a moment and then realized that what Ella said was true. “What’s the use of you remembering my father’s birthday? You’ve been kicked out of the family by him.”

“You’re right,” Ella looked at her nonchalantly, without any feelings on her face. She had hoped and waited only to finally sink into despair.

For her, Budi was a foreigner. However, it would be a shame if she was not present at his birthday party, right?

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After all, she is Christian’s fiancée now.

“Indri, tell your father that I will come to his birthday party. Don’t forget to mention this.” After saying that, Ella suddenly laughed. “As the daughter who has been abandoned, of course I have to attend my father’s birthday and bring him a present.”

“Ella, what do you want to do?” Indri looked at Ella nervously. But a moment later, she realized that she could take advantage of this opportunity.

“Okay. I’ll tell him.”

Ella raised her eyebrows, surprised by Indri’s sudden change in attitude. But Ella is not a coward. She knew Indri had plans, but she also had plans of her own.

Let’s see whose plan will fail in the end.


Christian has been standing at the door for too long. After Ella and Indri finished talking, he went straight into the room.

Christian is wearing his dark gray suit, looking very dashing.

He always looks perfect. His appearance, power and wealth could drive the women of the entire city mad. Wherever he goes, he attracts everyone’s attention.

At this time, several nurses were gathered in front of Indri’s room, peering into the room. Their attention is on Christian as they whisper.

“Is that handsome man Christian Adipamungkas?”

“Yes, that’s right! The woman beside him is his fianceé, right? I’m so jealous of her.”

“Don’t be jealous of her. Look at her first. Do you deserve to be in that woman’s place?”

“Hey! Why are you so mean!”

The whisper was loud enough to enter the room, causing Ella to smile. She suddenly felt that she had had great luck in her life. It’s like getting the first prize of the lottery, as if she doesn’t have to do anything, but Christian will still fall in love with her.

She doesn’t even know since when Christian cared about her so much.

While thinking about it, Ella raises her hand to hug Christian’s arm and comes closer to the man. She seemed to be announcing her ownership.

This man is hers and no one can snatch him from her!

Christian feels Ella’s movement. He lowered his head and looked at the little woman who was looking at him sweetly. Then he smiled lovingly. “Are you happy?”

His soft voice rang in Ella’s ears. Ella was embarrassed when she heard that and curled up to hide her face. A second later, Christian puts his arm around Ella and caresses her head gently.

“So sweet!”

“I want a husband like him too!”

“I’m so jealous!”

Several nurses in front of the door immediately shouted with joy.


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