Summoned and Unwanted

Chapter 720 - 720 The wind obeys the strong

720 The wind obeys the strong

The first of the ice to shatter were the ones targeting a person. The wind was prioritizing saving lives mysteriously. After each of the ice about to hit someone was destroyed, the wind shredded the rest of the ice into fine ice flakes.

No one could understand what just happened as everything happened so fast. It was too mysterious and unnatural to believe it was a coincidence, as if someone created it.

The gusts of wind calmed down, and the element of wind returned to the royal mages and Ester. The wind saved everyone from what appeared to be a corpse explosion and returned to them.

One of the soldiers noticed something dark in the sky. One after the other, they started to notice a figure descending from the morning sky. They murmured many names, and a few guessed correctly.

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Lilith, Iris, and Jun Ye Rim raised their gaze. They murmured, “She saved us.”

Ester rushed to check on Lupa, but there was no need. She and the five royal soldiers were uninjured after the ice traveling at high speed was accurately caught by the wind and shredded instantly.

“That human is here. No wonder my mate said she is very strong.” Lupa said while raising her gaze to the sky.

It made Ester understand why Lupa smiled, as if she was not worried about possibly getting hurt or dying. Lupa had discovered the presence of a woman she had met before. There was one overwhelming mage Lupa knew of. It was none other than the strongest mage in Lusterfall Kingdom.

The royal soldiers and Ester moved their heads to look in the direction Lupa was looking at.


The soldiers promptly recognized who it was because of her clothes and the power she displayed. On the other hand, Ester could match the silhouette with the woman in her mind.

The woman landed elegantly on the ground. She looked around and nodded, satisfied all of the ice shards were shredded.

The reason the wind spells did not work became crystal clear. The woman who landed was Karta. She was a person who far surpassed the ways to control the wind.

It was similar to becoming the owner of the wind in her surrounding without anyone able to compete with her authority, resulting in making all the wind her own.

Karta noticed the royal soldiers, Ester, and Lupa looking at her.

“You fought bravely against those undead things. At least they weren’t the regeneration type since my wind could shred them into nothingness.”

She looked at the royal mages and the soldiers behind them. She wondered if the royal mages would later ask her to learn the trick about sealing their ability to use wind spells.

She saw Lilith and Iris looking at her as if she was a superwoman they wanted to become like.

On the other hand, she saw Jun Ye Rim looking at her with a frown while slightly averting her gaze.

“I am a little disappointed.” She said while looking specifically at the leading royal mage. “We were going to have casualties if not for the people you all were ordered to escort and protect.”

*Sigh* She gently shook her head. “Well, I will overlook this one time because it was not entirely everyone’s fault. The danger increased, and ten high-ranked soldiers are not enough to avert suffering a few casualties.”

The leading royal mage rushed and respectfully bowed apologetically. “Forgive my incompetence, strongest royal mage, Duchess Karta Milloween. I will strive to do better next time.”

Karta nodded. “People learn from their failures. You should thank your fortunate luck that no one died. You learned how to deal with the undead without suffering much.”

The royal mage flinched. He stopped bowing and stared at Karta with a shocked expression. “Undead?”

Those behind the leading royal mage became equally shocked to hear the wolves were undead.

The wolf Lupa mentioned warning them to leave appeared to faint and stand up. However, in reality, the wolf died and was reanimated instead.

“Vincent, Mimi, Vlad, and apparently Vincent’s new woman are a coupled hours of walk from this location.” Karta tilted her head slightly. “Well. Additional hours to pass the cluster of trees.”

Ester, Lupa, Iris, and Lilith revealed a smile to hear news about Vincent. On the other hand, Jun Ye Rim averted her gaze and secretly revealed a quick smile. She also was happy to hear Vincent was still alive.

However, one word stuck the most in their thoughts. The word “new woman” made it seem as if Vincent went to the forest to find a new lover to join his harem instead of clearing his mind and relaxing.

“Duchess Karta. Can we know how Vincent is? Are Plow and Zero also with him?” Ester asked while walking an exhausted Lupa.

*Snap* After snapping her fingers, Karta ordered. “Medic team, what are you all waiting for? Go and treat them, or are you not going to thank them for protecting your lives?”

The medic team flinched after being called out. They nervously nodded once and hurried to check on Ester, Lupa, and the five royal soldiers.

“Duchess Karta. We three also want to know too.” Lilith said.

Karta didn’t know how to deliver the news to them. It was both bad and good, depending on how one looks at it.

Vincent was alive, but he was unconscious and heavily exhausted. He gave Hibiscus a hard time healing his body.

After using a difficult-to-count number of ice lances made with parts of the mutated flammable steam of his body, his condition was far worse than he had ever suffered.

“He is alive. The little fox does not want to get off his stomach, and the little plant went to look for and eat wild seeds, or something like that.”

Karta vaguely explained, yet it was enough to let the five girls know Vincent was lying on his back because of Plow, and mentioning the condition of someone as alive meant they were probably lucky to be alive.

*Sigh* “What is with your expressions?” Karta gently shook her head. “How about his? I will personally take the five of you myself. You can see him more than five times faster this way.”

“Thank you.” Ester, Lupa, Iris, and Lilith told Karta, while Jun Ye Rim didn’t utter thanks, yet she looked forward to seeing Vincent like the four women.

Karta and the leading royal soldier went to discuss something.

Lilith, Iris, and Jun Ye Rim went to check on Ester and Lupa. They hoped the fight didn’t cause them too many injuries.

“Sisters. How are you feeling?” Said Iris while placing her hand in her handbag filled with a variety of medicinal herbs or balms.

Ester lowered her gaze. She touched her clothes, and she could see a lot of her skin exposed, yet she wasn’t feeling cold. It made her wonder if she was gradually becoming cold-resistant from the recent training and sparring she had with Maria.

“Apart from my clothes and from my almost depleted mana, I feel fine. I am not tired or injured.” She responded with a reassuring smile.

Iris quickly examined Ester and deemed her to be telling the truth. She moved her gaze onto Lupa next. She could see two people casting heal spell on Lupa. The scratches from the fragments of ice she slashed were quickly healing.

“I feel better good.. but I also feel bad...”

“What is the matter, Lupa? The heal of the healer class should help you recover without a problem.” Said Lilith. she wanted to know if the healer class she always desired to have was lacking to heal Lupa in some way.

“I feel better because of these humans, but I want to see my mate right now. I can’t wait to leave.” Lupa responded.

Lupa didn’t want to say how she had secretly sniffed Vincent’s belongings enough for his scent to disappear. She was missing his scent and his presence.

Ester, Iris, and Lilith giggled. They knew Lupa had spent a long time with her secret stash, even if Lupa believed no one could see her with a wall apart, hiding her actions.

Sometime later, Karta, Ester, Lupa, Iris, Lilith, and Jun Ye Rim stood near each other. The leading royal mage and the rest of the soldiers made room to watch their lift-off.

“Hold on tight. I will lift us slowly first. Then we will go faster than the birds.” Karta said before quickly casting Wind Wall and controlling it.

Their bodies lifted slowly at first. However, less than a minute was not enough to help them acclimate to the feeling of floating in the sky. Even Ester and Lupa felt weird remaining in the air without doing anything.

After gradually rising about two meters from the ground, Karta controlled the wind and told them while moving her wand, “Girls. It is time for lift off.” before darting to the sky.

The leading royal mage whistled loudly to gather everyone’s attention. He explained how Karta did not discover any enemies while she headed to the current location.

A soldier asked if the leading royal mage knew the reason why Karta was so close to them. The response the leading royal mage gave was,

“Royal Mage Duchess Karta Milloween felt a mana disturbance far from her location, and she left to check it out. The Duchess believes she had detected the mana disturbance when the great snow wolves fought against the undead great snow wolves. This is how the Duchess was able to arrive in time.”

Another soldier raised his arm and asked if they still needed to visit the location there were heading for. The response of the leading royal mage shocked them.


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